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This page contains links to sites I’ve found useful, and information further below about Selenium.

Web, connectivity, etc.

StatCounter tells you who is running what.

Google Speed Tracer: plugin for Chrome

Pingdom: free web site tools

BrowserMob: web site monitoring and load testing.

Montis: more monitoring and tools

YSlow: Yahoo’s web page analyzer plugin.

Gomez: Now called compuware

Keynote: internet and cloud monitoring

Usability,  ui/ux,  information presentation

Edward Tufte: one of the best on information presentation

Donald Norman

NNG: Nielsen Norman Group

Dashboards: still checking this one out


 sqa, doc, process, etc.

Adam Goucher: a recommended qa blog

Mike Brittain: an engineer’s blog I enjoy reading

Grig Gheorghiu: an engineer’s blog, with one of my favorite posts about load testing.

Joel on Software

37 Signals: makers of BaseCamp – the company is now called Signal vs. Noise.

STC: Society for Technical Communication


Open source testing tools

Quality Logic

Satisfice: James Bach’s company

SoftwareQATest: a very good testing portal

SQASearch: another portal

Software Testing Geek:  a testing blog

Sticky Minds

Michael Kelly: blog is out of date but he has a good writing section

Data, business intelligence, etc.

Nicolas Bissantz BI blog

FiveThirtyEight stats blog; archive version is at the New York Times stats blog

Miscellaneous and of interest


MIT Technology Review

Atul Gawande: doctor, list advocate, writer

ENTP: incubator and hosted bug tracking system.

StartupApps: list of files that might be running on your PC.  A good reference.

U.S. RSS: RSS feeds put out by the U.S. Government


In many of my jobs I’ve been one man department. Being the only qa guy, and reasonably experienced, I’m not only testing, but probably doing some writing and documentation, helping marketing with a new project, debugging something for technical support, answering questions for sales or marketing, and looking for that strong cup of coffee.

My lack of time makes tools like Selenium, and to a lessor extent Twill, great for a too busy working manager (hell, I’ve been a working vice-president!). I can quickly create a reasonable set of test cases that make my life a little easier.

Note: twill is quite old, not maintained, and no longer suitable for use. The article below about my twill implementation is more useful for the concepts than the specifics of the technology.


Selenium at Playlist
A Selenium RC implementation at Playlist.com.

Selenium at Auctionomics
Another Selenium RC implementation, this time at Auctionomics, an SaaS high end auction system.

Applied Twill
A simple but effective twill implementation to monitor the Playlist.com web site.

A few links into the selenium community:

Selenium HQ

Official Selenium Blog

Sauce Labs

Google Group for Selenium


In addition to these links, there are many great websites offering information about using Selenium in a variety of context. Search on something like “selenium and ajax” and you might find yourself here.