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I enjoy working on teams that have a great time building superior, useful software. 

I’ve worked successfully at both small companies (small means less than five employees) and larger, established thirty year old companies with hundreds of employees. I enjoy learning about new domains, and meeting and working with a variety of people.

Among other things, I can help your company:

  • manage software projects from requirements gathering through final customer delivery
  • set up software quality processes and procedures
  • help write all that project documentation
  • test the software, log bugs, regress the bugs
  • run a beta program
  • everyone’s favorite:  I can help you hire a full time staff

I enjoy both hands on work and management, and in particular at companies where things are new, growing, and bit chaotic. 

Currently I am working with  start-ups working to get venture capital funding, profitable web companies, and well established manufacturers of scientific instruments.


Contact me if you’d like a copy of my resume.