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A Tale of Two Logins

A Tale of Two Logins

linked in login pageIn honor of the recently celebrated Bastille Day, and for our inaugural post let’s start at the front doors of two popular social media websites: LinkedIn and Facebook.  The point of comparison here is the way each website treats existing users.  For whatever reason, LinkedIn forces an extra step, click really, after hitting the home page. See the screen shot to the left.

Returning users are treated better at Facebook. When you land at Facebook’s home page, the insertion point is placed in the login box, and there’s no extra clicking to get to the login screen.

Of course Facebook is also interested in signing up new users, but not at the expense of those who already have an account. See the screen shot right for their superior implementation.  LinkedIn should adopt the Facebook flow: merge the sign in page and the create new account page, and everyone’s happy. With apologies to Dickens, we’ll call LinkedIn Paris and Facebook London.

Nothing to lose your head over, however.




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