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I specialize in providing software development support services:  software quality assurance, documentation, technical support, and project management.  I have over twenty-five years experience at a variety of companies and industries in Silicon Valley and beyond. I enjoy working with talented and experienced teams in a variety of domains.

Recent projects include:

  • building a new software quality department (process, procedures, documentation) for a scientific instrument company.
  • writing developer api documentation for a software development kit (.NET, Win32, etc).
  • setting up and maintaining a  wiki + bug tracking system for a client (Trac on a server running Ubuntu 14, Python, and sqlite)
  • testing and Selenium automation for a sophisticated SaaS based auction system.

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About the header photo

The header photo was taken at Pier 17 in San Francisco where Bay Delta Maritime keeps its tug boats. I like the picture because in the same way that the sqa and documentation provide support for development efforts, so do the tugboats provide support for larger vessels.

Although I have a Nikon DLSR, I took the photograph using a Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder camera – film type forgotten. The development labs, North Coast in San Diego, provided a high resolution scanned image for each print, which I scaled down to use for the header.